Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Day 332 - WORN

Nothing much left in our house 'worn'. When it is worn, it is thrown out!!Gone are those days!

BUT tonight I am really WORN out!! had a lovely day with Xanthe she was lovely but being on the go with her is very tiring!!
Here I am with my feet up watching Last Tango in Halifax, loving it:)
Waiting for Dstep D to go is going to see Seadoc with DGS aged 14 who is poorly, swollen and watering eyes, high temp and a funny circular rash behind ears and neck :( Looked online, not meningitis, scarlet fever? Will let you all know tomorrow!


  1. Ahh poor you..and even more poor DGS, not fun when the kids are poorly. X

  2. Hope DGS is ok. I like your take on the prompt.

  3. Poor DGS, doublecheck first that you had whatever he has. I got chicken pox in my mid twenties and managed to give it to one of my 73 years old auntie !

  4. I am really enjoying Last Tango in Halifax as well.

  5. Excellent post!
    I love it - and I find here /in the first part/- humor.
    Like your take on the prompt - too!