Friday, 2 November 2012


Sorry but not reinventing the wheel today as I have done colours before! So here are my red, yellow and blue collages. Have put them on as Xlarge photos today!

It is a horrible, wet and dark morning, yet out at the back I can see patches of blue sky to the west11 Here is a photo taken 2mins ago
It is good to find somewhere now to chat and discuss 2013, thank you Jenni for posting thoughts on your blog for us. Hope those of you not on UKS can come and find us here, thanks Anne for starting our new social group 'Lucky Scrapping 2013'


  1. You're amazing, Lynnе! I salute you!
    / I'm overwhelmed with work here - How will I do it?
    I do not know how to make these collages - a special program?/
    Wish you a nice weekend!

  2. Oh Wow, these are outstanding collages, Lynne. I am going to feel so small with mine ! xxx

  3. Lovely collages- they are so effective with a colour theme.

    I've joined the new social group and hope I can get back into the blogging/photo agaiN!

  4. looks like you might have had a nice day in the end with the sky. Great pictures of the colours.

  5. Lovely collages, Lynne.
    I've not been on UKS yet so I will go on there after this.

  6. Looks brilliant, I adore this, we will have to have this as a challenge next year for those of us who haven't done it before :)

    Thanks for the nice comments, just going to work on some more bits now, but I will pop over to the new SG first and thanks for the support.

  7. Lovely collages, they are almost layouts in their own right xx Great that you are keen for 2013 and I liked the quote idea..never a shortage of them is there x