Monday, 19 November 2012


Well Monday again, how quickly this day comes round whether at work or retired!!
I was thankful for free choice as I left home at 8.30 with no word for the day and didn't get home until1pm,  I was there all morning  ...can you believe at Sainsburys!! ..... alone for breakfast and a newspaper and a bit of shopping for crackers and smelly candles until I met my friend Carol for coffee at 10.30pm then proper food shopping before I came home!!

Peter spent the afternoon in the gasrden too cold and very windy for me and I had decided to make our Christmas puddings and a nice meal tonight
Here is my photo for today the annual willow tree hair cut!!
 Our dinner tonight stuffed peppers..yummy!!
 Stages in making 2 Christmas puddings. All the ingredients ready to make them
 Hand mixing and making wishes :)


  1. We were both at it today then :) Our christmas cake is baked now.

    Glad you got Peter giving the willow the hair cut xxx

  2. I think I need to have a go at a Christmas cake!

  3. monday comes round far too quick lynne.

  4. Very good looking cake preparations !

  5. Great photos - everything is interesting to me -
    These peppers - what are full?
    Is this potato puree?
    Yes - Very good looking cake preparations!
    /I have only one observation - Peter should wear a hat! - The weather is cold!/

  6. Oh dear it looks like I am falling behind, no cake or anything yet, but JB is due to make me one at her class..x

  7. Interested to know what is stuffed in your peppers. We use a ground beef/rice rice mixture with some spices and tomato sauce. I don't do too much baking, etc. for Christmas anymore. I've never had Christmas pudding before but it looks like it will be yummy!