Friday, 9 November 2012

Day 314 - PONDER

When I read the prompt this morning I thought I might have to set up a photo shoot for this but no I didn't need to!
I met my dear friend Carol for breakfast, she has a man friend in Wiltshire as more and more she is going to stay with him or he is here with her. I think after Christmas she will move in with him and rent out her new bungalow and see how it goes, I will miss her very much but at the same time thrilled she has found happiness after losing her husband 2 yrs ago...he committed suicide :( As you can imagine we had a very difficult year in 2011 and so pleased that 2012 has been good for her xx)
Today she needed help to reply to a difficult email and was writing down my thoughts (yes we are very close!!) to ponder on!!
She has just rung me with her email and I have just tweaked it a bit more LOL!!


  1. I also find it so beautiful when older people can find happiness with somebody else. Good luck to Carol !
    I love your photo. The one of Viv only takes her back and on yours, your head is not part of it, but they are both still pretty interesting photos ! xxx

  2. It is so nice you have such close friends and with email and the phone you will stay close even if she is not close in miles xx

  3. great news for Carol and well done helping with the email.

  4. I think it's lovely too. My best friends dad asked my mum's best friend out earlier this year and they are besotted with each other. They see each other every day and are seeing each other over Christmas. My mum is chief dog walker when they see each other - as the two dogs don't get on.

  5. With a friendship that close I'm sure that you will stay in touch.

  6. Oh yes, you will definitely stay in contact. What lovely friends and how lovely that she has found happiness again xxx