Wednesday, 14 November 2012


A wonderful day meeting up with my college friend Ann we met and had coffee in Covent Garden, then lunch an hour later in Henrietta Street where we shared a bottle of red wine and a meze. We stayed there reminiscing about college days and our friend Sue who died in May
A lot of nostalgia as we looked at her daughter's wedding in Dec 2011 whilst Sue was still alive.
We stayed here until nearly 5pm ending up with afternoon cups of tea. It was dark when we came out and this is my first Christmas tree to be seen for 2012 all lit up in Covent Garden 
We ended up at 6pm in Carluccia's in Garrick Street for a evening meal and then trains home for us both


  1. What a gorgeous day for you both and a little smidgeon of your friend to ponder about.. xxx

  2. What a nice way to spend the day, going from one eatery to another. Love that Christmas Tree too :) xxx

  3. Wha a beautiful day you had! Covent Garden is one of my favorite places in London, it's just so pretty. xx

  4. Lovely photos and sounds like a lovely day you both had. I like the Christmas tree.

  5. Wonderful day! Congratulations!
    / Thanks for the virtual tour. We sign Virgo
    like to reward (us) with nice things!/
    Enjoy finest walks and meetings!