Monday, 26 November 2012


This was Sunday day 329 when I was out all day really having fun with 2 girlfriends at a huge M&S flagship store in Shoreham, We arrived at 10.30 for opening time and left at 4pm closing time with huge bags of Christmas goodies and a few pressies for me for peter to give to family:)
So I had another day to think about the word.
Difficult to take a photo of the things I have forgotten after going up stairs and wondering what I want, OK a photo of the stairs!!
A birthday I have forgotten, that is in the pas tat the moment.
Vouchers and offers I collect and forget to use!!
I don't remember much of my past, especially collage days because I had met my first husband and was in love that was more important!!
So photos in July 1969 sent from  friend. I really do not remember these photos or the occasion except that I would be 3 mths pregnant with DS1 Mark!!!
Here I am with Pat (wh is coming on dec 28th for sleepover!)
 Here we are all together from L to R- Sue who died this yr in Canada,Pat,Me and Ann also coming for sleepover)
Have had a wonderful parcel arrive today, my lost CJ from 2011 arrived home, I am so thrilled it was our holiday album in 2009, now I can complete it, journal and put on the covers. Can you tell how excited I am? I am thrilled to bits!! I had tried to forget it as I thought I would never see it again!!
Oh and another forgotten memory. This photo came through our door last week, I was a bridesmaid to the daughter of some friends of my parents. They lived in the flat above, I was 12yrs old 1957!!

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  1. I love the pics! It is always so interesting to see other people's photos. You were (are) very pretty! Thanks for sharing.