Monday, 26 November 2012

Day 331 - LONELY

I can be lonely at times, even though I am busy I love people and since retiring I seem to do a lot of activities at home whilst Peter goes out a lot more than me and I do miss chatting to people (I am definitely a people person!)
So a photo of lonely????? Well monkey (I made) just sits on this chair and Xanthe seems to ignore him so I guess he is pretty lonely!!
Have spent today shopping am then home sorting out breakdown cover and car insurance, can you believe that it has taken all afternoon on the computer and telephone too, sitting here waiting for a call back at 7pm, going to dish up dinner and ignore the call tonight in a moment!!
We have got our car insurance down from £398 to£333 at the moment and with car breakdown we have been quoted £414. We have been with the AA for 29 yrs and this year apparently became GOLD members for £238!! I rang them to say I could join and get all that I have now for £170 online so they have now dropped our renewal to £154..............where do they get all these figures from? We must all walk round with mug on our foreheads!!  Hope you kept up with all those figures, as you can imagine I am steaming and fed up with being conned in this life!!

off to eat, switch the phone off and play catch up incase we switch our topbox freeview to sat .............I hate modern complicated life!!!!


  1. oh what a day lynne, least you have managed to save some money. Poor sock monkey- hope Xanthe falls in love with him again soon x

  2. Sending you big hugs to use when you feel lonely.
    My car insurance is up to renewal and I can't believe the quotes I get. As soon as I complain, they seem to go down too ! xxx

  3. Oh I know, sometimes when I think of the things we have to pay for compared with what our folks paid for in a car-less, phone-less, TV -less existence. And then to think things were tough for them, that really was difficult in another kind of way..and we are all your friends, I really do value the blog life I have, not sure what I'd do without it really, a kind of talking to myself but amongst friends.. Mmm xx

  4. Poor sock monkey you'll have to make another.
    I know what you mean about feeling lonely at home there is nothing like good friends to have a natter with. I so wish we lived nearer