Thursday, 29 November 2012

Day 334 - DEBRIS

Peter told me there was still debris at the bottom of our garden even though he had been to the local tip twice last week!! anyway I was out most of the morning in town and it was cold outside and realised I had made a debris in the kitchen with pittosporum and the roses that I had bought this morning.  M&S had 2 bunches of roses for £5.  I had to get Peter some flowers to take to the Crematorium as today is the anniversary of his late wife's death, 29yrs. Tomorrow will be the anniversary of my Dad, 37yrs ago. A long time ago when I was nearly 8 mths pregnant with DS2
Here is the debris and my bunch of flowers. Some sunshine in this gloomy cold weather.

Don't know the update today about DGS. We kept our car but with our 2 fuel allowances we have decided to get the car done before Christmas!! booked in for a week tomorrow!!


  1. They are lovely flowers lynne, hope your dgs is ok.

  2. You roses are beautiful. the ones Dennis offered me last week have opened, they are gorgeous too. How thoughtful to get flowers for Peter to take to the crematorium. xxx

  3. Those roses are a lovely colour. They will look striking in the crematorium.