Tuesday, 13 November 2012


I chose to do thoughtful thoughts today instead of being thoughtful in deeds.
Here is my friend Carol deep in thoughts at our Silver Wedding 5 months after her husband died. I could guess what she was thinking!
I am pleased to show you how happy she is 2 years later this month with her new man friend Dave
I have Xanthe DGD today so blogged early and tomorrow I am going to London all day to meet a college friend. No shopping but lots of chat, eating and drinking. Probably won't be back until Thursday!


  1. Ahhh doesn't she look well and happy with him. You will miss her but it's good she is happy and as my Mum said 'you're as close as the phone' x

  2. You got me with a tear in my eyes, Lynne. I am so glad she is happy now.
    I guess you will have a lot of things to tell when you are back from London !!! xxx

  3. Every time I see your pictures I know -
    Life is wonderful!
    One has
    start from the beginning!
    Congratulations for the great photos!

  4. How lovely for her now isn't it after being in that dreadful, dark place. Have a lovely time and see you then :) xxx

  5. I'm so pleased your friend has found a new partner now. I expect you are going to have a great catch up with your friend. See you when you get back with lots of news

  6. lovely photos, enjoy your day tomorrow. x

  7. Carol really does look happy. Though it must have been difficult for you both at the time of your silver wedding anniversary.

  8. It's so lovely that she has met someone new. I've seen first hand how happy my mum's friend and my friends dad are since they started seeing each other. He particularly is flourishing with a new lady. He doesn't have to rest so much with his health issues.