Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Day 311 - DOTTY

A lovely sunny but cold start to the day. I pleased to see the word dotty as I was wearing one of my dotty dresssing gown so thought I had my photo. Then Xanthe arrived and so did more dots!! She seems to have a lot of dotty clothes :)  I also found a dotty jug in the kitchen.

I also belong to the Dizzy Dots team on UKS  Our blinkie is dots too!!

Thank you Borqna for your email address xxx   Day 400 was not a joke but a grey cell problem with my brain!!


  1. What ? Dotty also means full of dots ??????? I thought so initially, but when I checked on Google I only found definitions for crazy people and Dennis didn't think about dots either!! I can't believe we went through all that whereas I could have taken a picture of my pretty papers. Try it, type define dotty in Google and look what it comes up with. Going to sue them, lol !

  2. Ahhh- what lovely photos!

    Lol Anne- your post was great fun though!

  3. Loving those pics, it's amazing how many dots and spots you see in a day when focussed! xx

  4. I forgot all about my dotty cycling cape until I saw your post. Great photos.

  5. I love your dotty photos Lynne. It certainly is your word today

  6. I love your dotty photos Lynne, too.
    I like Day 400 - it may be our password! Or the theme for a challenge! Imagine - another galaxy! There is such a Day 400...
    Have a great day!