Friday, 30 November 2012


Lots happened today. First I went for pedicure and electrolysis at Anne and Charlie's farm and their barn now has all doors and windows in and wood burning stove and underfloor heating too.. They are hoping to sleep there whilst relatives sleep in the small cottage they are living in at the moment.
 This was one of their trees on their land, very asymetrical!
I then had to take a cat box to Dstep D as her cat was very poorly, we later found he had to be put to sleep :( She came round very distressed :(
Then Mark came for lunch before seeing his GP, he is ready to go back to work, though still on anti depressants with his medication.
Peter had a Carol Concert with his choir tonight but I didn't want to go, just felt I wanted some me time :) Watching some TV recordings and had a late dinner.
It has been very cold today and a heavy frost this morning but we are nice and warm indoors!!


  1. Beautiful tree and colors, looks like my tree in the park ! xx

  2. sad about the cat, pleased you got to see Mark...enjoy your quiet time x

  3. I'm sorry about the cat. Glad Mark is ready to go back to work.
    It looks like that there is a lot of wind blowing on that tree

  4. I am sorry to hear about the cat. We just found out our dear Bella kitty is blind. It happened very quickly. She is 16-17 years old but otherwise doing okay. I'm glad to hear your son is better and able to return to work. I like the tree picture!