Saturday, 1 December 2012


Today is the 1st of Dec and we now only have 30 more days of this challenge left! It is the coldest day this year for us here so far this winter.
Today I am wrting cards and wrapping gifts for our Christmas crop tomorrow
 Our washing once again is drying indoors although it has dry and sunny today but these were from last night.
Tonight as I cook tea I will start to burn my advent candle and try to remember to blow it out!! One year I burnt down to day 11 on the first day!
Shimelle's Journal your Christmas has fallen in my mail box this am but I am trying to ignore it this year as I think I have enough to do!!


  1. Hope you have a lovely crop and get lots of lovely presents and cards. I love your candle - what a great idea. We have a traditional wreath with four small candles.

  2. Getting excited just by looking at your wrapped gifts, LOL. I am also not sure about Journal Your Christmas, got the prompts, may be I will find time ? xxx

  3. Enjoy your crop and I like the candle.

  4. gosh I haven't even bought most of my gifts, let alone wrapped them. You seem very organised.

  5. I love that candle, what a lovely thing to have.

    I am already sucked into JYC :)

    Enjoy your crop and is it too early to offer Season's Greetings? No i'm sure it is not!