Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Day 354 -DRINK

Have the old hard drive back and up and running again:) Not going to have the new hard drive back until the New Year :)

So what a subject today  LOL DRINK here I go :) to get my camera, ......will be back!!!!
OK here are these in order,
Xanthe's drink Apple juice                                         
Peter and mine daily sparkling water (from Lidl's)                                         
and my red wine :)

Laptop back with my old hard drive back until after Christmas, then my IT man will try and put back my new 500G hard drive and sort out Google chrome that seems so be the problem :(

Still busy trying to get the 4 mini books ready for 28th, this is def the year when this is my priority!!


  1. Hope you manage to get all your jobs done. Why not have an external hard drive lynne?

  2. Cheers - Yes!
    Great photos!
    One wine taster was of the Statement. They tied his eyes. They gave him to try different drinks. He guessed everything - the make, sort, type and year!
    Last, they gave him another something to drink.
    He said:
    - What is it? It's great! I've never done before drinking such a thing! It has no smell. It has no taste! What is it?
    - Water! /from Lidl's - perhaps!/
    Good day and good luck!

    P.S. Lynne,
    I found a young Santa Claus! See my blog!