Thursday, 6 December 2012

Day 341 - CURLY

I'll try not to say too much but our day didn't go as planned, me scrapping, helping a friend with poor movement to shop and Peter work and visit a sick friend. We left home at 8am and got home at 5pm!!

It started with the phone ringing and waking us up at 7.40.It was D step D's neighbour to say Jo was on the floor with her bad back and unable to move with the pain so by the time we arrived 30mins later the ambulance and their ambulance car was at her house and they were giving her gas and air to try and relieve the pain and to get her standing up. The short story was after more than an hour she had the choice to go to A&E and have a morphine injection which would take the pain away and get her moving or to lay where she was until the GP came after morning surgery to give her the same injection, she chose to stay on the floor! Her daughter was at home and her son went to school.
The GP came at 12.30 and after the injection left her on the floor to move when she was able. She managed to get up at 2pm and hobbled around, painful to sit down and should stay moving as much as possible. She has had back pain on and off for years and now I think she needs to have a referral to a consultant myself. Her daughter is 16 (17 in March) is capable of looking after her and her son 14 home from school is now being difficult at home but under threat to come and stay with us which he doesn't like as we are too strict!!!
I have shopped for food for them and Peter got money put on her gas for heating and been for more meds including oral morphine and diazapan and ???? At the mo she has taken herself back to bed, so hope she can get up again this evening!!

I must still have a sense of humour as this is my photo for today for curly. It came to mind as soon as I saw the word and I found them in the supermarket. For SW friends 1= 6 syns!!
Thank you for listening. It is 6pm and I have showered and sitting in PJ's and going to have a large G&T!


  1. What a day you had, poor you 2. There are days like these. Hope you have an early night and recover ! xxx

  2. Oh what a day, that sounds excruciating. I did it once and I was in agony.

    I hope you have had a nice G&T now. xxx

  3. Oh lynne- not how you had planned your day. Hope Jo improves and keeps moving...enjoy your sit down and hope tomorrow is a better day.x

  4. Ouch that sounds bad and so hard to stand by watching someone so incapacitated. My Col has had two lots of nerve surgery on his back so if it is this kind of issue I woukd recommend it..he still gets muscle pain but the acuteness has gone now.. A big deal though and yes for sure go see someone soon x
    I like your Syns. ? Six!

  5. Sorry to hear of your step-daughter's back issues. I have been there and know how painful it can be. My biggest issue right now is my knee. I have had to resort to walking with a cane which is a pain (Hehe, that rhymes!) I hope you and Peter have a nice weekend with no more drama. You both are so sweet to help out like you did.