Sunday, 16 December 2012

Day 351 - WEALTH

I guess we all thought the same thing when we saw the word wealth today. Wealth in monetary terms. This I suppose is our western world's thought these days. Everything measured in terms of wealth!

So I thought about other 'riches' that I faith in God, health, husband, family and a home.
So these are my photos for my wealth today, my family taken 2 years ago at our Silver wedding.
Peter and I with our children
Peter and I with our children and their children, OUR FAMILY
Tomorrow I lose my laptop for hopefully 2 days whilst I have a bigger harddrive put in so I am fine but coping with no will I manage? we shall see :)


  1. These are beautiful photos Lynne, I agree with you, monetary health is nothing compared to a loving family.
    2 days without Internet, ouch, I don't know how I would survive that, LOL. xxx

  2. You beat me to it Lynne. I thought of family and friends.

  3. Great photos lynne and hope you get your computer back soon.

  4. I did think of the other side of wealth, but was not sure how to portray it. Well done and I hope you get your computer up and running soon.

  5. Great photos Lynne!
    Great post!

  6. will be like a power cut, you will keep thinking of things you want to look up or something to email someone! I use my phone when desperate! ;-)

  7. That's why I love my iPhone. I can always use it if I can't get on my computer.