Thursday, 13 December 2012

Day 348 - EDIBLE

Thank you dear friends for you kind words yesterday, you are quite right I am under an obligation to look after myself and Peter!
Today I feel in a much better place, went to my scrapping class where I wasn't good but back home at lunchtime I finished the Christmas tree, put other bits around and vacced downstairs...also washed down the front door and hung a wreath. Feeling much better

Are these bananas EDIBLE?
Well Xanthe saw these bananas on Tuesday and said "yuck" but after I  peeled one of them she was happy to eat it as it wasn't over ripe inside!

I have to say we normally don't let them ripen up but then things haven't been normal here for a week!!  Getting to grips with food in the fridge and a shopping list for tomorrow through to Christmas weekend!
Yes I feel quite relaxed and hope tonight that my sleep is relaxing too and I awake refreshed!


  1. Good to hear you are feeling more relaxed.

    1. I am so pleased you are feeling better. You sound so much like yourself today.

  2. I knew someone who taught her kids that the best bits of a banana are the black bits!! I know what you mean about being out of synch with food, some weeks we are just not here enough to eat everything I got in on the weekend! Glad you are doing's hard some days to be how you want to feel, but generally we come out the other side okay don't we xx

  3. I am with Xanthe on that one, I only eat bananas when they are close to raw ! Glad you feel better. xxx

  4. At home eating bananas only my son.
    When we were children - the shop had bananas, oranges and tangerines just days before the New Year.
    / Kiwi?-it grew on the moon! /
    Maybe that's why we do not eat these fruits.
    Glad you feel better.
    Good lick!

  5. make great banana cakes when they are overripe :) Pleased you are feeling so much better Lynne x

  6. They sell these bags here that you can put your bananas in and it keeps them from ripening too quickly. I don't like mine overly ripe as they seem to get too sweet. I'm glad you are in better spirits!