Sunday, 23 December 2012

Day 358 - FESTIVE

I cannot believe there are only 2 more sleeps to a very special day!!
Here is the table from yesterday cleared and ready for our meal last night
We had a lovely evening, Carol and I drank far too much and here are some every poor quality photos taken  by Peter and he doesn't drink!!
This is my pressie from Carol
 You can see how silly we were and look what I got a huge new cutting mat
I gave her a Stampin up year calender and a Sudoku book which she was thrilled with. I won't see here again til the end of Jan as she is going to stay in Wilts for 3 weeks straight after Boxing Day, I will miss here :(

Today was very busy, we went to church am and then I made Banoffi pie and cooked an early dinner for one family we won't see at Christmas. We then went back to church for the Carol Service which I could have used as festive today but didn't have a camera or phone on me!!

So here are 2 table decorations I have for the word FESTIVE,
  not sure if I will burn this cone this year!! :)

How are you all doing?  No time tonight to read your blogs....sorry :(


  1. Hello Lynne, I am on a whizz through too :D Table looks lovely as does your tipsy evening :) xxx

  2. a lovely evening you all had and enjoy using your new cutting mat.

  3. You are definitely in the spirit and sharing it around .. Have a wonderful day tomorrow x

  4. LOL at who drinks or not !!! That's a beautiful table dressing !

  5. By the way, I dreamt about your son last night. I have very powerful dreams, he should contact you ! xx

  6. Have a wonderful Christmas. I probably will not be online tomorrow so do enjoy your day and give Peter our regards. xxx