Saturday, 8 December 2012

Day 342 - COMFORT

Sorry I went AWOL, Dstep D was taken to hospital and we had her and 2 DGC aged 16 and nearly 14 to sort out, s you all know they have a huge social life too!!

Too many things to tell you except an ambulance was called again this morning, and she went to hospital and was kept in tonight. They have kept her in A&E assessment ward to try and get her pain level acceptable so she can move and walk.

My comfort is putting on one of my fluffy dressing gowns and aslo going to bed. Here I am at 2 different retreats
With Shirley at the Crumblies retreat (we were known as the 365ers) I love this striped dressing gown, it has a hood too :)
 At my team the Dizzy Dots retreat with my Mr Blobby fluffy dressing gown (my favourite one :))
and our escape from life, love it!!


  1. Lynne I hope Jo recovers soon, take carex

    lovely photos of you and it seems ages ago we were in the kitchen on our retreat.

    1. Didn't we have a lovely weekend, hope we can do it at least once more in the next 2 years :)