Saturday, 8 December 2012

Day 343 - MUNDANE

Day 2 of D stepD in hospital and our DGC and sorting them out!!

I was too tired to post yesterday and realised that you didn't know we took DGD and a friend (2 16yr olds) to see a group the Rizzle kicks?at the Brighton Centre last night.  Have you ever heard of them? Do you want too? I am feeling not only tired but old too!! Any way last night having been at hospital all day we took these two girls to Brighton, dropped them off at 6.20pm to get in a huge queue to get in a standing only view and spent the night in the lanes eating in an Italian restaurant. We finally got the girls back in our car at 11.20pm and home before 1pm!!

Today we were at home am TV enigneer comes, Perdita (DIL) comes and ringing the DGC at different venues and Jo's friends and sorting DGC's social lives again before A&;E day 2.
Do we look fed up...well we are!! 
 This is Jo about to be discharged as the nurse gives her the medication to take home, morphine, tramadol, diazapan and good old paracetomol!! and 4 crutches, 2 for upsatirs and 2 for downstairs!!
We brought her out at 4pm and she chose to go home alone (she is 44yrs) and we finally fell in the door at 6pm in time for Strictly and a lovely casserole.
Decided food daily can be mundane??? So here is my photo....every day we always have to provide food, I love cooking but at times I am so fed up of the daily routine! Thank goodness the casserole was made and cooking on a low heat all day and was ready forus tonight
The highlight of today is a photo sent of Xanthe going to a party am as a Christmas pudding dress, she is going to wear it again on Christmas day :)
Nite all off for the comfort of my bed :)


  1. pleased jo is home, hope she goes on ok...doesnt xanthe look gorgeous....take care x

  2. Yes Xanthe looks adorable :) I hope things are a bit more settled this weekend for you all. xxx

  3. What a night and a day you had ! Hope you can relax today. Xanthe looks adorable indeed !

  4. Xanthe is adorable! Hope you have better days ahead.