Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas day and Day 360 - SOMETHING ON YOUR TABLE

Happy Christmas. We have had a lovely day with 3 of our 4 families. The good news was that Mark came, I was thrilled!.

Here are rather a lot of photos of the day!!
The day started with finding Santa's footprints and some magical snow in our lounge where he left all the presents

 Zac came in his onesie!!!
 Amie came out into the kitchen and made the bread sauce. It was fun to have her helping the first time ever!
 I was thrilled that mark came he kept his distance from everyone but he came and after lunch let the young ones on is ipad:)
 Here is his brother Iain, Zac and Xanthe's Dad. Think he and Xanthe are waiting for lunch!
 This is our lunch table and all the family,
 and I caught Xanthe tucking in to sausages and roast fat chips LOL!!
Here is lovely Amie who was so helpful this lunchtime , thank you Amie xxx

 We allowed Jo (Lewis and Amie's Mum) to have her tomato ketchup at the table!!
A quiet time between courses ...cheers!!

 Peter looks worn out already and he didn't cook a thing, though he has been an excellent goffer and chauffer today!!
 Amie and her Mum, friends at times and enemies too!!
 My lovely Peter, he knows his place at busy times!
 Amie and Zac, present time!!
 Perdita, Xanthe, Peter and Lewis opening presents
 Peter enjoying one of his presents!
 He has found tickets for Top Hat in London, we go on 10th Jan to the matinee, so a lovely day in London! My surprise present to him!
 Back at the kitchen sink again!!
 Games time for some of us!! as the sunsets!
 A quiet moment to read yesterday's paper!!
A scooter built and now time to learn to use it with Auntie Johanne helping her!  Thank you Auntie Jo for my pressie!!

Well something on my table prompt I found at 8.30 tonight after they all left!!
Here are the remains of supper after they had taken food and gone


  1. So glad that Mark made it
    Looks like you've had a lovely day all round. Well done on all the photos, I didn't get many as I kept forgetting to use my camera.

  2. What a lovely day, Lynne. I was convinced Mark would come, I've always had very powerful dreams. Glad you had such a nice day all together.xxx

  3. So pleased Mark came for the day. Looks like a busy, lovely day with family. x

  4. Oh Lynne it looks like a great houseful and always busy .. and aren't husbands who just 'do' so worth their weight in gold xx

  5. Great that Mark came, what a lovely crowd of you :) xxx

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Very festive! Husbands like Peter are a treasure! I'm glad your son came. Great pictures! Thank you for sharing.