Sunday, 9 December 2012

Day 344 - LIGHTS

Jo  has managed her pain quite well today and I think the crutches are helping her walk better. It was her birthday at home and she was pleased to be home. We had a Chinese take away meal tonight instead of a meal out.
 This hat was Amie's present to her Mum which was stuck on Peter's head, Mr Happy????
 On our way home tonight we saw this tree lit up for my lights photo.
 What a surprise I had when I looked over the fence

It was a beautiful scene


  1. Pleased Jo is managing with her back. Great photos and a lovely lit tree.

  2. What a great scene, beautiful.

    I'm glad to hear Jo's back is getting better.

  3. Ahh you are obviously a great support. .. And what a garden scene! Amazing how determined to be Christmassy people can be..x

  4. The rim glad to hear your step daughter is better. The Christmas lights are pretty!

  5. The photo with Peter is worth millions ! xxx