Thursday, 27 December 2012

Day 362 - SPECIAL

What a strange day weather wise, fairly mild but damp and so dark until this afternoon. This was the sky looking west, to the south over the sea the sun was shining through the clouds then within 30minsthe sky looked like this bottom picture, then we went back to dark grey clouds again!! I took these indoors and you can see the reflection of my pink camera on the glass!!

 This week Christmas day was special as most of the family came for the day. This doesn't very often happen! Now I am waiting for tomorrow which will be very special when my dear late friend Sue's girls and other halves come from London for 2 days ( I haven't seen Michele since she was a teenager, she is now 31yrs ) and so are my other 2 collage friends and husbands so they can meet Sue's girls.
I guess you remember me starting to make the mini albums for them all in November? Well here they are ready to tie up and wrap up for them
Her she is in one of the books before and ready for the wedding in her lounge. They decided to have a civil service in her house on 28th Dec 2012 as she was dying of bone cancer.  She had been with her daughter to choose  the wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses earlier in the year whilst she could. The official wedding was in Aug when they then had a blessing.

Carol has left for Wilts and we have been round and made the 2 double beds for them and leftbread, milk and cereal for them in the fridge.We are sleeping in the spare room on an inflatable double as we got rid of our beds during our upheaval and haven't replaced them yet!! Pat and her DH are having an inflatable in the lounge as they are only staying 1 night and Ann and her DH are having our bedroom  (all spring cleaned today :)) bringing there own duvet and pillows and they are staying 2 nights.
I now have another choc roulade to make fro dessert tomorrow, the lasagnes are in the garage defrosting and then I am all ready. I am so excited and Peter has been an angel not moaning and helping at times. he hates all the fuss I make when we have visitors, he thinks spring cleaning totally unnecessary!!

I will try and blog tomorrow before they all arrive but forgive me if I go AWOL for a couple of days!!


  1. Your mini books look fantastic Lynne, I am sure they all will be so happy. It will be so nice for you to meet again your friend Sue's girls. I wish you a marvelous time with them ! xxx

  2. Lynne, I think YOU are special for enjoying organising and making all this happen. I love it when we get together with family or friends from abroad and it is a good excuse to spring clean a bit as I can always find something better to do the rest of the time. I hope you have such a great time, maybe tears too I guess but lots of love xxx

  3. Yes, I echo what Kathi says :) (((hugs))) xxx

  4. What beautiful gifts for them all, I am sure that they will be treasured. Enjoy every minute of your time together, including the tears.

  5. well done lynne on finishing the mini books...have a lovely time, enjoy! x

  6. I'm sure the mini books will be treasured by your friends girls.
    I can see everyone enjoyed themselves from you photos today.

  7. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your friends.