Friday, 14 December 2012

Day 349 - HEALTH

Peter and I are fairly healthy people and rarely get colds...having said that woops hope we don't catch one so near Christmas.
I have been around a lot of colds and coughs this winter and thanks to a friend's advice take echinacea and vit C for a few weeks if I have been in contact with someone.I have just started taking it again :)
A horrible day today, wild and windy and have had to go our twice this morning to shops with a friend and breakfast which was nice. Then to collect DGD from the farm where she studies to catch a bus to Eastbourne so she can work there this weekend. Now I am off to collect peter from bowls where he went after his am work!!

Jenni in case I forgot, thank you so much for starting 2013 blog, haven't really had time to digest it yet!!!

Thank you Anne for your lovely card xxx


  1. I started to take Echinacea Lynne but then had to stop when pregnant and breastfeeding- havent got back onto taking it as I couldnt find it in Tesco, they used to sell it. Will have to look elsewhere and get back to taking it :)

  2. Miserable day here too, but my sunshine hubby came back so that brightened the afternoon ! xxx

  3. Yes, prevention is better than cure.

    Thank you for the thank you, I think we will be all too busy to really do much with it until after christmas so please don't worry :) xxx

  4. Great idea to keep healthy.

  5. Yes don't worry Lynne it should all fall into place..I am writing one of the weeks and it isn't stressing me. .yet!,
    Grim weather down in SW too but my man is back afte a round trip to Newcastle so I'm smiling like Ann x

  6. I hope everyone has a good weekend!

  7. Great idea! I agree - prevention is better than cure.
    I know Echinacea. But I have not used it until now.
    Today is the working day here -
    So that weekend will be Sunday only.
    Good luck!