Sunday, 30 December 2012

Day 365 - END

Well we are nearly at the end! I am so proud of us all for getting here!! I am feeling a little emotional and feel we should all be together with Susie for tomorrow, but of course this is not possible!

Well it isn't the end is it,  with LUCKY SNAPPING STARTING ON TUESDAY.....eeek!!! Thank you Jenni with the idea and Ann and Kathy for getting togetherwith Jenni and getting this up and nearly running. I had a good read today to try and get my head round the week and the month :) I have picked my view, it will be interesting to see how each month this view changes!

For me today it was the END of several months planning for Sue's girls to meet Sue's close collage friends...that included me.  It was really successful, the minibooks were well received, with a lot of tears and emotions. Peter was proved wrong!! Thank goodness we have NYE tomorrow otherwise I would be feeling rather flat tonight!

I decided to do a collage of the end of these months planniong the 2 days for us all
Have stopped washing now til the 4 loads are dry... I try not to use a the tumble dryer

I now have to think about tomorrow New Year's Eve,  where we go to 2 sets of friends, the last for a meal and I am doing a dessert for 6...we have enough left overs in our fridge but need to makesomething new so using left over lemons, eggs and cream and making Delia'a rich lemon tart served with creme fraiche...plenty of that still lurking in the fridge and can knock up a cheese board too as the fridge is over flowing with different cheeses, oh why do we buy so much for so few days! I guess just incase.

We should be feeling a little flat, but guess we are happy to be quiet with each other tonight, a new recipe for dinner tonight, Another Delia, just love her recipes :) Grilled Chicken with lemon, garlic and rosemary with puy lentils and salad. Hope we like it!!


  1. looks like a very busy time for you both, enjoy NYE

  2. I also love Delia recipes. I have her original book. One day I will buy one of her latest ones.

  3. I'm exhausted just reading about all you are doing. It was interesting how many people had Delia's original book when we were living in Tanzania. I almost got to feel it was the essential missionary cook book.

  4. Yes, it's nice to be quiet for a while.

  5. Delia taught me how to cook along with my Mum, Aunt and Granny. :) I hope you have a peaceful time and thank you for the confidence boost with the challenge xxx

  6. Like the sound of that rich lemon tart :) Glad the visit went well and the books were loved. Have a very Happy New Years Eve!

  7. That's all sounds wonderful. To be honest, tonight will be simple here, some foie gras on toasts my parents gave us in France and some smoked salmon also on toasts !