Monday, 10 December 2012

Day 345 - Tree -that tree or your Christmas tree!

Here is THE tree all shorn by Peter and ready for 2013!!
Cannot show you our finished tree as Peter got the tree and decs down from the loft at lunchtime to give me some TLC.  We had 2 lovely hours and then back to family collecting DGD and shopping for stepDD. Tonight I don't feel I want to finish it so it has lights and nothing else!!
Here are a box of decs waiting!!
Another one of our baby trees around the house, we bought this from Germany many years ago. We have seen them in the UK in the past years.


  1. Ahh so I am not the only one who has multiple tree behaviour :-):-)

  2. We have multiple trees too, just none finished so far, lol ! Same as ours, lights and nothing else xxx

  3. love the little tree from Germany. Hope Xanthe has a good day today, helping you decorate the tree :)

  4. Gorgeous photos!
    I some time ago bought synthetic Christmas tree and wooden toys.
    /Our Christmas tree will be ready for the December 24 evening./