Saturday, 22 December 2012


Green for me today are the artificial holly off some welcome lights that have stopped working in our hall!  We will probably throw it away so took the holly rings off the candles and here is were they have been left!!!
 I took over our dining room today and spent the day trying to get the mini books nearly finished. Have a bit more to do yet but will be finished for 28th!!
We have Carol for dinner tonight so all cleared up some ironing done and ready for Strictly with her when she arrives. Off to take a photo of this table set for dinner :)

Jenni tried to email you today but I must have written it down wrong from Anne this morning, will try later tonight via UKS!


  1. looks a very productive table, enjoy your evening.

  2. Lynne, looks brilliant as a busy table. I hope Carol enjoys the dancing with you. I am enjoying it now :)

    I look forward to your email, :) xxx

  3. Hope the meal was nice, always a good start to Christmas, having friends over. Xx

  4. LOL Lynne, I see what you mean with taking over the table !!! xxx