Sunday, 16 December 2012

Day 350 - BLANKET

We have quite a few blankets in our house, not for our bed but for the cats!! Here is Florrie in Peter's chair during the day when he isn't around!!
We are finally sorted in our house , all presents wrapped.,all decs we want out and calm descends again
Presents to give to friends are under the tree and presents for DGC and DC on Christmas tree are in our spare room.
I am now busy getting mini books for 28th made, think I will get there :)


  1. I love the picture of Florrie and your Xmas tree is very pretty.
    Good luck with all the mini-books ! xxx

  2. Cats always find the most comfortable spot! We used to have lots of covers too when we had cats, the hair still seems to manage to get on the seats, it's taken two cat free years to see the last of the hair. We had some extra visitors the other week and I had to get out the spare dining room chairs and their've guessed it, still traces of cat hair! Lovely tree, I put mine up yesterday too, not wrapped up yet though.

  3. hope you get the mini books done and good news to hear normality is returning to you. Hope Jo is doing ok.