Wednesday, 12 December 2012


A difficult one today, thank you Susie xxx
One of the definitions...People are obliged to carry out certain actions for other reasons as well, whether as a tradition or for social reasons

Well we all have lots of obligations. For me......  
1.  It is to care for our DD who has is very down as she has been signed off work til the new year so money will be difficult for her :( She cannot drive so we will have to run 2 teenagers to football, collect from college and to take the 16 yr old to work when there is no public transport.  I don't want to say anymore in public now.
2. We have Christmas coming up and we feel obliged to give and to receive, I would rather give and really I am not bothered about receiving
Here is Peter who is the present wrapper in our house...well I do write and post all the cards :)
 3. I am obliged to keep our house clean and tidy, at times I would rather not!!
4.I am also obliged to think about our meals daily, provide some lunch each day and to cook a meal each night. OK I could say nothing bought and nothing cooked and Peter would do something but...I feel obliged LOL!!.
Dinner tonight scrummy fish pie we have just eaten and one of our favourite vegetables, sprouts!

I can think of many others but becoming depressed. I would rather not use the word obliged, but I want to !

Well we went out in the country and stopped at a frosty field for this photo. I am pleased with it as I didn't use macro on the camera!
Sorry Helen I burnt down below today's date tonight :( Not a good photo but WOW not many days left!!
12 days left til Christmas day!!


  1. Lynne I think you have done very well to not let the candle burn longer by today. Well done to Peter for wrapping the presents and poor Jo. Take care and maybe the teenagers have friends who they could get lifts with every now and then. Thinking of you x

  2. You have lots of obligations and worries at the moment Lynne. But the main one is looking after yourself. Sending you hugs.
    That fish pie looks wonderful.

  3. Sometimes those obligations seem overwhelming, I know how you feel. Viv is right though you have an oblicaiton to yourself and I think our blogs are a way of taking time for ourselves.

  4. Yes, you take care of yourself Lynne. So many obligations wear you out. Just do the needs be, treat yourself to a takeaway and get plenty of rest xxx

  5. We cannot take care of others if we don't take care of ourselves first. xxx

  6. I agree with everyone's comments. Please take care!

  7. I agree with everyone's comments. Please take care!