Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The last few days with no computer!

Monday was a family day when the 'grown up kids needed me LOL!! First a visit with Dstep D to her solicitor re her ex... a new lady but so lovely and kind to Jo, I could have hugged her!

This was my ironing pile from last week, no excuse now I have no laptop and printer :(

but DS2 arrived with his family, well only my grandson's clothes to iron... OK his partner is poorly and I did offer...???
It was hard work but I did get to watched the afternoon film on 5, it was a good one too!

Then on Tuesday more ironing arrived...well I offered again and then I watched part 2 of the film on 5. really enjoyed the film and all the ironing got done too
Now I await the return of my laptop and printer, do hope the printer hasn't been condemed!

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