Saturday, 2 August 2014

2nd August - Summer theme - rest of week

I started so well and then this week got soo busy with life but just love how I start a week with no plans and the week evolves!!

Tues - Summer food    This summer I will remember picking and eating so many cherries, at the moment we are making cherry brandy!!
 Summer fruity coleslaw SW dish
Wed - Summer sunset or sunrise I never see the sunrise these days :) Sunset from our patio
Thurs - Summer colourful clothes

Fri - Summer sunlight and shade
Where my sunbed stayed this hot sunny summer :(

Sat - Children in sunshine and Sun - Summer water    In the same photo!!
Xanthe this hot summer!  Just loved her sunglasses!!

It was moving day yesterday for my youngest son and family. We arrived at 7am to take the children off to our house for the day!    It was too early for Zac and he was a pretty unhappy boy til we had breakfast in Sainsbury!!
 It looks as though it was too early for another man too!!
 We had to export all Zachary's lego models in our car!!
To try and get a family photo was too difficult!!
 Mum finally got smiles from them as we finally left
It was too hectic when we took the children home about 6ish to take any photos, they had moved into their new home but with boxes absolutely everywhere!!
We ended an exhausting day with a fish and chip supper and a glass of red wine!!


  1. Love the photos. I hope they didn't move too far away! I know how you love having them. Xanthe in her little pool is precious!

  2. Cherry Brandy - Yummy.
    Xanthe looks stunning in her sunglasses.
    It looks like you've had a really busy day and I love the photos of Zachary and Peter definitely ones for the album

  3. Hope they are all settled in this week.. x