Monday, 18 August 2014

18th August - Skies from last week

Sorry I didn't participate in last week's challenge 'Century'. To be honest I have no relations who fought in World War 1 and had a busy week as Carol was home on her own for a week from Wilts so we were out a lot and then busy getting ready for visitors who came on Fri and have just left today Mon.
We had fab weather again last week so Carol and I spent the day out, here we are at lunch time at a cafe on the beach before we fell into M&S for some serious retail therapy!!!
 We spent the weekend with our visitors keeping to the sea as much as possible as they live inland in Somerset nr Bath. Pat is one of my college friends, we have known each other 51yrs!!
Here are my sky photos from last week. Zac and Xanthe saw this and we quickly got my camera out, it was a sunshine and showers day for them!!
 Saturday sky in both photos

Sunday evening sunset as we were eating our meal, I kept having to jump up and take another photo!!

 and our sky today just after saying goodbye to visitors and off to find the bedlinen and towels to wash!!


  1. Lovely pictures Lynne, and great to hera you are being so busy and keeping the balls in the air ;-) So lovely to have friends visit.. I have a lot of people coming this week and really need a week off to just think about it! Lucky I am self employed .. might sack myself for not thinking about work enough! xx

    1. LOL!!! Lots of love and enjoy life xxxx