Wednesday, 20 August 2014

20th Aug -Cards, bags and boxes

Tuesday- Cards I chose playing cards as we had the grandchildren today and Xanthe just loves her FROZEN cards free with Morrison shopping!! I don't shop there but my elderly friend Rosie does and gets cards each week for her
Today it was Guess Who, Xanthe will see this pack on Friday when they pop in!!
This was our floor yesterday, yes Frozen was the chosen cards to play
Here was Zac having breakfast and Xanthe in the spare bedroom she calls 'the childrens room' LOL!!

Wed - Bags and Boxes
Today I cleared the drawers of the spare room wardrobe which is going into our DGS Lewis' bedroom.
Here is the top drawer which was where my wrapping paper, tissue paper and bags were. at the moment they are now sat on the bed waiting for a home"
Some rubbish papers to throw away
a box for delivered for our neighbours who are away for a month in Sri Lanka
 The empty drawers
 The wardrobe ready to be moved by my son Iain on Friday


  1. Looks like a busy week this week for you

  2. A busy week sorting out then Lynne, take care and have fun xx

  3. You are one busy lady. I hope your wrapping paper and bags find a new home soon. LOL

  4. Lynne.,so good to see your pictures.. and those great little ones.. isn't it great they have their room at yours.. we have one too.. soon to be more than 1 I expect!