Friday, 25 July 2014

25th July - Family and Fav summer outfit

Yesterday we had Xanthe again as she had a playgroup leavers party in the morning. She had planned to wear her fairy outfit but then changed her mind!! She dressed up in the afternoon.and I took photos for her Mum as they are doing another summer hols book with daily photos.
Family - our youngest grandchild I see the most!.

Favourite summer outfit - this summer until the heatwave I have worn these shirt tops, rather too large now but bought in April as the buttoned down the front and easy for all my hospital appointment and loose for comfort after the op and during radiotherapy.  Not sure if I will keep them next year or take them in to make them smaller!!

Of course here I am with Viv in June!


  1. Nice pictures. Xanthe is so adorable. I love her pixie outfit. Good picture of you and Viv.

  2. I can't believe how much Xanthe has grown up. I love her fairy outfit. Oliver starts school in September as well.
    It would be hard work taking those tops in Lynne. Buy yourself some new ones. You deserve them.

  3. Morning Lynne, love the fairy outfit, gorgeous little darling in it as well.