Monday, 21 July 2014

18th July - weeks 24 - 29 catch up!

My catch up will be brief!
Week 24 - Past Times   Weddings in the past
Peter's Mother and Father in law in1933
 Peter's first wedding to his late wife in 1960
Our wedding 1985
 Our evening dinner dance and 2nd cake!
Week 25  -  Abstract Close ups
sea wave
flower centre
 Dandelion clock
 Week 26 - Selfies
Finishing radiotherapy
 early morning cuppa
 Own choice _ pampering me
Social meal with Carol's partner 
Working me at a Hospice Lunch
 Relaxing me
Week 27 - from the' back'  back views
Looking back as I leave the hospital for the last time
back view of people at a proms night in a park
Week 28 - Through the looking glass   Photos through windows or mirror
Through car window
 ready for treatment taking the photo in the mirror
 looking through a shop window
 Too late to do week 29 tonight!!  Goodnight x


  1. Welcome back Lynne! I have missed you and your views! Glad all is well. You look wonderful!

  2. lovely to see you back, Lynne. Great catch up xxx

  3. Great variety of views.. shows just what has been happening without words ;-) xxx

  4. Thank you, Lynne - you are my inspirations for my post this week!
    / actually - kick me up!/