Sunday, 20 July 2014

18th July - Back again in blogland and getting back to normal!

Hello dear fellow bloggers!  I cannot believe that the last time I posted was week 23 and today is the last day of week 29!! I have missed 6 weeks!!

I have now finished my 2nd treatment - 15 days Radiotherapy over 3 weeks at Maidstone hospital - 33 miles from our home. The journey took us over an hour each morning and my treatment lasted 10mins then the journey back home again! The treatment has left me extremely tired and skin has become quite sore too.
Here are some photos from these 3 weeks
The journey from Hastings to Maidstone

Finally arriving at the hospital
The Oncology centre
The empty waiting area 5 at 8.30am
The radiotherapy treatment room, the metal bed where I had to lay
  and the rests where I had to put my arms! The blue head !

All my hospital treatment has now finished I am glad to say and I am now on the last phase of the treatment which is 5 years of  taking a hormone drug Anastrozole which will slowly remove the oestrogen in my body as my cancer cells were oestrogen positive. With this treatment comes a risk of Osteoporosis so I had a bone density scan. The results last Friday show that I have low density in my hips and my lumber already (Osteopenia).  I am pleased that they have found this out now and I am now taking calcium tabs daily and a biphosophate tab each week to improve the density!!

I am now going to try and do a mini catch up of the lost weeks and start a fresh week with you all tomorrow


  1. So glad to see you back on here Lynne, and to hear the treatment is over and you can now start to look forward again. Keep taking care and keep in touch. xx

  2. And to think when we spoke about your medical phobias and things and now you have travelled this road and can inspire other people.. so happy you are back in blogville! x

    1. hope this experience does inspire others to not be scared of the C word and mammograms can pick up a very low grade, curable cancer :)