Saturday, 26 July 2014

26th - View of most frequented place this summer

Sorry but having been here for 15 days (3 weeks daily) this has to be my photo for this summer!!
and to more interesting things...
Today I spent the day with Perdita and Xanthe. This am I helped pack boxes for their move next Friday, then pm we went with Jo (step DD) to finish picking the 2 cherry trees that Perdita rented this year.  Here are some photos of the afternoon!

 me - I needed a seat!
 Xanthe..only 1!!
 The fruit
 Xanthe relaxing
 A well earned ice cream


  1. Thank goodness no more visits.
    What an interesting idea to rent a tree. We don't have anything like that up here. It looks like you all had a good day.

  2. I hope they don't have to move far from you? Good idea, certainly reflects your summer view! Glad you are done xx

  3. I hope their move is successful, and like Kathi says, not too far away from you. I have never heard of renting trees but I think that is a great idea. I hope the cherries are good!