Thursday, 13 January 2011

Catch up time and Happy New Year!

I just had to start by showing you 2 photos taken recently of our youngest DGD Xanthe!
here she is at breakfast time in Sainsbury!
and with Nanny just before Christmas!
One of many sunsets we had during December's snow . They were fantastic!
I took so mnay photos during our Dec snow, this photo was drips of water onto freezing snow.
Loved this photo of melted water that froze on these branches next to our patio.
The temperature was -3C and we live on the SE coast!!
I looked up one gorgeous sunny morning, the sky was so blue and saw these icicles and the snow on the roof, it looked like photos from Canada!!

Finally we had Christmas which was very quiet for us this year with very few photos!
Here we are New Year's day with one of our family.
BBefore we went for our meal we went on a united town church walk in the afternoon to look over our town and prayer for it for 2011
It was sad to see our destroyed pier in this photo
As a lot of you know I am not a walker but here I am with a friend proving that I did part of the walk!
and Peter who is a walkerwas ao pleased with me!!

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  1. Lots of great photos Lynne and well done on the walk :)