Thursday, 8 September 2011

End of the Summer holidays!

As the children in our area went back to school this week, I thought I would show you some collages I made of some of our grandchildren this August
Our DGD fondly known as 'Vicky Pollard' but not to her face LOL!! has made her Mum and us so proud. She spends 2 days of her school week at a farm attached to Plumpton collage doing vocationa work. She won an achievement award at the end of term.
Here is a collage of the photos her Grandad took at the award cermony and at the meal at our house in the evening,.
At the Bank holiday weekend at the end of August she was asked by the collage to go with them and show one of 2 pigs that they had entered. We are waiting to see these photos
Our DGS came for a sleepover as soon as the holidays started and here he is making Dennis the Menace cakes to take home. It was hot work, hence th bare chest!!

On the day we have our youngest DGD each week Zac came too as he was on holiday and we had a lovely day out at home and then in Bexhill on the seafront for lunch and a play on the beach and then at the park. Who says you have to spend a lot of money to have a fun day!!


  1. Great photos and well done indeed to VP

  2. Fab photos Lynne, congrats again to DGD :)

  3. DGD has really done well that's for sure Lynne, you and Peter must be really thrilled.
    Love all the collages and for a nosey friend it is lovely to see them all.
    Thank you.