Friday, 6 August 2010

Canvas finally finished!!

I have finally finished a canvas for my step daughter's best friend. She is 40 this week and Jo wanted me to scrap these 2 photos of her and Ness.
I was very nervous about doing a canvas as it is only the second one I have done and this was rather large! I am still not sure whether I like it but Jo does and I hope Ness does too!
I am now finishing a birth album as my present to Ness on Saturday and will take a photo later today.
I have just realised that there are a lot of LO's not uploaded for a long time, seem to have forgotten to use this blog recently! Will try and rectify this soon!


  1. Lovely, sure it will be admired!

  2. looks lovely, i love the colours you have used

  3. Canvas looks great, wish we could see it bigger though

  4. Really pretty Lynne - I am sure she will love it.

  5. That's really lovely Lynne :-)