Tuesday, 8 October 2013

7th October - Monday madness and SILVER LINING week- I for IRRESISTABLE is the word and food !

It is Anne's SILVER LINING week and we now have 3 letters left in the year long challenge.

I FOR IRRESISTABLE.  What can you find irresistable, def certain foods! So we have to find food and recipes for the days of the week

Well today I have started delivering a cookery course for freshers in hall of residence in Hastings Campus for Brighton Uni. There will be 12 sessions, 2 a week delivering recipes and ideas to each floor in the hall twice.

It went well apart from getting a flat tyre in the new car as I parked and having to deal with the AA and getting it repaired whilst a started the first session, anyway it went well and though the photos aren't very good (had the camera on the wrong setting !)
The draft recipe book cover
 Floor 1 group in their kitchen where I demonstrated, 6 grew to 11 during the 2 hrs!
They were left the food to eat for their supper

M for Minced beef Sauce that can be made into other minced beef dishes by adding different ingredients, Bolognese sauce, cottage pie, Creole hotpot, chilli etc
Forgot to take a photo of the one finished dishes until they were attacking it to eat as if they had never eaten in their life!!
The Basic recipe

Spag Bol on one of their plates!!
Tuesday I am demonstrating Risotto dishes!!


  1. What a great idea- I bet a lot of them had never catered for themselves before. We tried to get Amy to try a different recipe every week to build up a repertoire- but she's not left for Uni!

  2. I agree, this is a great idea. I'm sure you will inspire them to look beyond the takeaway and save themselves money as well as eating really well.

  3. This is really great, Lynne! You're full of surprises!
    Great idea - well done for your course!
    I am sure that these students are already in love with you and your cuisine!

  4. Oh wow, that's fabulous, Lynne. You are going to be famous soon ! xxx

  5. That's great Lynne, I bet you are really enjoying yourself. What happened to retirement?

    1. Only doing this for my son who works for Uni, someone let them down and I kind of got sucked in to it...hoping to buy an ipad with the monies earned :)

  6. Hey good for you, would you like to come and teach me?? shame about the tyre!! xx

  7. I am guessing that freshers are freshmen at the local university. What an interesting course to teach. I don't think anything like that is done here. Freshmen who can't cook survive on ramen noodles, mac n' cheese, and McDonalds. LOL!

  8. I was just going to ask how you got the gig lol, a great thing to do. I was lucky that my Mum sent me off with some basics and was patient at the end of the phone :-)
    Good luck, hope you get the iPad. Don't forget to post the recipes of the risotto ones, I only have a couple in my repertoire and always on the look out for that sort of recipe. xxx