Wednesday, 9 October 2013

9th October - Exhausted after 2 sessions!!

Well the 2nd session went well and a few more students have learnt a new dish, whether they try and cook remains to be seen.

NUS got some funding to show those in hall (approx 60) some healthy eating recipes after last year's freshers said they would have liked some lessons!!

So last night was Risotto, I am afraid that is my letter today Anne, cheating this week!!
 Here is Dan a 3rd year student who is working this year for NUS and is my 'soux' chef and washer up, a great bloke!!

Here are the 2 risotto dishes being left for them to eat for their supper. No plates for some of them just forks and they got stuck in LOL!!
I had 1 male too byu he disappeared!!
And the 2 recipes

 This one is a SW recipe I gave them too
Off the subject of food, I had to take a photo of this car outside our house yesterday, love those eyelashes!!!
 Instead of sunset (nosunset tonight just dark and grey) I took an early morning photo of the sun and mist together over the town
No more cooking sessions until next Tuesday but will try and think of some food I like with T.W.F and S during the week!


  1. Wow, well done Lynne, I am impressed. You should travel to lots of University. it's a great idea for students ! xx

    1. Anne too tiring and I am too old LOL!!

  2. Love the look of the risotto and seems like the students do too. xxx

  3. The cooking lessons look like a lot of fun. Nice risotto.

  4. Wonderful post! Well done, Lynne!
    I cann't wait to know what are your favorite foods!

  5. OOh I love risotto. What are you cooking with them next week? x

  6. Great post. I love the picture of the car with the eyelashes. So cute. I am afraid I am not a fan of risotto myself. : (