Saturday, 4 February 2012

Day 35 - LIQUID - water

How apt was the word LIQUID today!! We are decorating our lounge when we found the bottom of the paper we were emulsioning had 'blown' and too had the top of the skirting board in places!!
It is a joining wall to our neighbours house so he came to look and discovered on lifting the carpet and pulling back some of the wallpaper and removing some of the skirting paint damp...
He thinks we have a WATER leak in the pipe work from the boiler to the 2 radiators. We have a concrete floor with marley tiles under the carpet and underlay!!

WE are awaiting the plumber later today and looking out our building insurance and water supplier insurance we also have!!


  1. Oh my! Hope your insurance will cover you!!

  2. Good luck with the insurance claim!

  3. I hope the insurance sorts it out quickly for you. When we replaced our bathroom last year we had a nasty shock when we took the bath out- as the 'waste pipe' had wrecked the floor boards underneath- so it became a bigger job than we expected which isn't nice.

  4. oh no Lynne, hope you get sorted soon...good job in a way you decided to decorate and found it!

  5. What a nightmare Lynne, hope you get it all sorted quickly!