Sunday, 26 February 2012

Day 57 - LIGHT

As soon as I saw the photo prompt today I thought about several things involving light but not the obvious ones'
I am a Christian and so should be a light in this world for God but sadly, I haven't felt like His light, more a poor reflection, a shadow for a few weeks, looking inwardly at my lot and not thinking about others.

Then my next thoughts were, "is there a light at the end of this tunnel I am in? Yesterday I was being very positive but woke today very down again. Why? Well DH was grumpy so apart from church which was very uplifting it hasn't been a wonderful day. We are OK now and looking forward to a nice evening together round our dining room table!! or maybe watching TV in bed LOL!!
I still hadn't done my light photo when I walked in our toilet as the sun was low and saw this lovely reflection of light on the tiled walls, that is what I should be ....not a poor relection!

and why was I fed up today? Well upstairs was getting as bad as downstairs with boxes everywhere. We had decided since we could do nothing downstairs to tackle the spare room and move the units which also needed repairing, here is the room before all the DGC toys and books were put away, we still have all the boxes from the hall, and some from living room and diner here too but the units are now repaired and you can see the spare room bed :)

I guess there was a light at the end of that tunnel!!


  1. Love your photo. It's easy to get overwhelmed when all the work seems to be doubling all the time. Your house will be all lovely and new really soon- and you'll be able to sit there and enjoy it all.

  2. always light at the end of the tunnel lynne, you will get there with everything and it will be worth it in the end x

  3. What a beautiful picture of a reflection of light.
    I also am a Christian and try to live my life as one. Unfortunately because of my condition I cannot get to church as much as I would like.

  4. That is a gorgeous photo, Lynne.
    Take a day at a time and you will go there. At least that's what I keep telling myself !

  5. Well done Lynne on keeping on trying to see the light :)

  6. Lynne sorry to hear you are feeling down in the dumps but we all need some down time as well. Remember that the light is always there for you, you may just have to walk through a long tunnel first. Lovely photo.