Monday, 27 February 2012

Day 58 - TREE or MIST

We had a choice today whether to photograph mist or a tree we will visit later this year.

I chose our willow tree which we bought to stay in a pot and then moved it into the ground as it was getting too big for the pot. We put this tree in the wrong place and in summer it hangs over our patio and path and can be very annoying! Each year DH who is no gardner but loves hacking down trees and shrubs!!!! always gives this poor willow 'short back and sides' but this year he seems to have missed doing one side LOL!
I did take a photo of part of the view of the town from our patio door and then later saw that the slight mist had cleared so did the comparison as a collage!

Our decorator has arrived even though we still have some damp around and took all the wallpaper off the walls and the insurance comapny have offered us a cash settlement so we feel a lot happier tonight!


  1. Things sound promising then! Hope it all gets completed soon.

  2. glad you are feeling happier

  3. pleased things are better on the insurance front...lovely photos too, i love the comparison of the mist.

  4. I have a friend who has a tree like yours and they have to prune it every year. I love your landscape of the mist and after the mist.
    Good to hear you've got your insurance through

  5. so please that things are picking up for you Lynne.
    Love that tree looks really strange with long one side and short the other.

  6. Pleased to hear the light is appearing at the end of the tunnel with the insurance claim. Lovely photo of the tree, love the idea of a short, back and sides. Lovely view as well.