Sunday, 11 May 2014

11th May - Food Glorious Food!

Well I am trying to get back to SW food having put on 3lbs in Cyprus. The op week I managed to lose 3+ lbs and then the last 2 weeks has been hit and miss with Carol's birthday and Ann staying
Peter has lost his cooking skills but can do jacket pots with baked beans and cheese!! He thinks cook's should always taste the food from a tin first!! Caught him!!!
Carol's cake with her coffee, sadly it was dry!!
I thought I had chose wisely a fruit scone, didn't expect 2 with cream and jam!!
 This was a scrummy prawn provencale that Ann cooked for me on Wednesday, my kind of food !


  1. I love the photo of Peter.

  2. They are so lucky having you to look after, always a smile.. love to you all Lynne x