Monday, 5 May 2014

5th May - Hello and Cyprus - Easter and Houses

Well I am finally back to blog land and thank you for all your good wishes. I have just read them and I was amazed to hear from so many of you and glad you are still around if not doing Kathi's challenge at the moment, hopefully we will see you during the year?

Well Cyprus came and we went away. it was not the best holiday we have ever had as you can imagine with my op and further treatment looming but it was warm, sunny, a good 'home' for the week, good food and made some new 'friends' too!  Here are a few photos for you all to see, so covering Easter and Houses for week 15/16 too!! N Cyprus being Turkish didn't celebrate Easter!

 Wiring for our villa's Cypriot style!
 Typical homes unfinished, we wonder if they will ever come back and finish them, there were so many like this everywhere!!
Us enjoying ourselves

 Our path to our villa from and to the restaurant, beautiful flowers

Peter's favourite apple pie and ice cream and below more pie and icecream in Kyrenia!

Breakfast outside every morning - wonderful!

Breakfast tables ready and filling
Lovely people we met

We wnet to lots of beaches for picnics during the day as we had a car the whole week
St Barnbas Church in N Cyprus, our sister church at home is called St Barnabas!

 Another lovely church we passed


  1. It's lovely to see you back on the blog, Lynne. Your photos of Turkish Cyprus look like it is a lovely place.
    I'll ring you soon. :)

    1. Look forward to talking to you xxx