Saturday, 24 May 2014

12th May - update and last week's challenge DRINK!!

On 12th May I met with my consultant for the first time since my op nearly 3 weeks ago.
This was a very nerve racking meeting as all my known histology reports would be with the new reports after my lumpectomy and lymph node clearance and also an important HER2 test on the protein in my cells.
Apparently cancer cells feed and multiply with high levels of oestrogen hormones which I have 8/8 and high levels of protein which would be HER2 postive+.  Thankfully my HER2 was negative so my treatment is NO CHEMO which I am so relieved about.
I now have to heal and meet my oncologist consultant on 28th May and go on to the next treatment radiotherapy which is for 3 weeks - 5 days a week, Following that I will then be on hormone treatment Arimidex for 5 years to reduce my oestrogen levels (I think)

Now to play catch up again for last week - DRINK
 Last drink before bedtime with  sw BAR EACH!!
Breakfast cup of tea
Cafe drink in sunshine last week
 Holiday drink - My favoutite in Cyprus - Brandy Sour

Peter and I drink Lattes when out
Naughty to drink during afternoon but I was on holiday!
Last night celebrating last night of our holiday with new friends


  1. That is great news Lynne! I am so glad you will not have to have chemo. While radiation is no fun, it is so much better than chemo! Love your pictures. Makes me want to make a cocktail and it is only 10:00 am here! LOL

  2. Wonderful news Lynne, my brother has just finished 7wks of radio which came after surgery and chemo, he said the radio wasn't as bad as he was expecting. Keep positive. Lovely photos. xxx

  3. Great news Lynne, Now you just need to put up with the radiotherapy and get better.
    Really looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday

  4. These are great news Lynne, I am so pleased.
    Sorry I am not more around but I think about you often.
    On our side we have a bit of trouble too. Our beautiful Rhea isn't well at all, she hardly can walk and we are close to the end. I have cancelled my trip to HongKong to join Dennis for his work in order to stay with her. I will try to blog one of these days but I have a heavy heart. All my love to you and Peter. Please say hello to the girls for me. Anne xxx

    1. Anne lovely to know you are around but sad about your news re Rhea too ..will say hello to the girls when I blog today (((hugs)))

  5. Hey.. that is brilliant news Lynne, easier to face things when they are less than you worried about.. attack with a positive frame of mind.. and big hugs from us all.
    Lovely to hear from Anne, we all have these sad times don't we.. and need to draw on happier reserves.. hugs all round x.

  6. I've just read your news Lynne- great that you won't need chemo.