Thursday, 13 June 2013

13th June Lucky Snapping week 2 - RELAX

This week it is Anne's Silver Lining challenge and we are ar the last letter in SILVER R for RELAX

Immediately I thought of this tune Do any of you remember it?!!

Well my whole life since retiring is one long relax or so I thought until I read the meaning of relax

  • Loosen one's grip
  • be less strict
  • reduce intensity
  • relieve tension/strain
So maybe I have got enjoy and relax mixed up?

Anyway here some photos to show you all know how I relax
Always relaxed with my friend Carol and our favourite summer spot is a quiet beach nr where I used to live This was the beginning of Oct last year
 Maybe not so relaxed when DGC are around!!
Peter and I as NT members often have a relaxing day out at some of the NT gardens and properties nr us

I mustn't forget how relaxing holidays are for us to get away from daily life and family :)
Of course the other things I do to relax is read, scrap, watch TV and just sit in the garden enjoying blue skies and sunshine with a glass of red wine

Yes I certainly know how to relax these days after years of bringing up children and working full time too!


  1. Nice tune ! I remember yes.
    Gosh you make me wish I would be retired. I am afraid I haven't honored my relax week at all, as I have a dead line for tomorrow and work like completely nuts. But nice to see some can relax for me, lol. xxx

  2. Lynne, you deserve every moment of relaxation after so many years of hard work. As Anna says - do it for us as well, hopefully we will be at that stage one day. Love all your wonderful mosaics of photos!

  3. Lynne, great post! Many thanks a lot for those relax moments that you give me a every time I visit your blog!
    I declare you as our relax Queen!
    Thanks to you - I already know and appreciate the value of life!

  4. We are national trust members as well, it is very relaxing and we live in an area which is near many properties.

  5. I know just what you mean about retirement. Everything we do is a form of relaxation. I just need to do less.

  6. Great post. I too am enjoying my retirement and feel more relaxed period! I love all of the pictures. You do relaxing very well and have lots of fun.