Friday, 21 June 2013

21st June - Nostalgia week - HOLIDAYS

Before I start to reminisce about past holidays I thought I would show you what I have been up to instead of blogging!
The LO I did last week for UKS Weekly challenge.
I meet college friends in London last Wednesday and ended up at Brough market nr The Shard, we didn't go up, too expensive!
Apart from a LOT of walking and eating and talking we went to the Kaffe Fassett Exhibition.  Here is a collage of some of his knit wear and quilt samples. It was a great day out but I am still recovering!

This week is Kathi's nostalgia challenge. She asks us to blog about past holidays good and bad! Whether they be mini breaks, day's out, or complete disaster!.
Today I thought I would think back to my childhood 
We only had 1 holiday away from home from birth to 18yrs old. I think this was because since my Father did not earn much as a school teacher and my mother didn't work 
We went to Looe in Cornwall I guess by train since we didn't have a car and my father didn't learn to drive until I was 17yrs old!
I can still remember things about that holiday. We stayed in a B&B which also served an evening meal and my parents and Auntie (who lived with us and always went out with us) befriended a mother and daughter called the Taskers! and they seem to be in a lot of the holiday photos. I remember wearing see through plastic mac over a bathing costume when there was a sudden downpour of rain whilst still sitting on the beach
What fascinates me with all these photos is the fact that all the adults still remained dressed, no swim wear for them. I am the only one in a bathing costume! My mother made all our clothes so sundresses with jackets were popular to wear and of course white sandals which were whitened!!

Since we lived at a seaside town holidays and weekends were spent at our town beach. Here are some photos of these days, some with visitors who often came and stayed with us since we lived by the sea!
This was with an Auntie and Grandma, both wearing hats ready to sit in a deckchair on the beach, my mother is in the middle
 Another day with my mother, my other Nana and Auntie mary note their shoes and stockings, I guess my Nana was aged about 50!
 Here I am with visitors

Tomorrow I will find holidays I had with my children, similar childhood to mine always at our local beach!


  1. Lovely memories, wonder if you would recognise Looe now!! xx

  2. Lovely memories, Lynne
    It must have been lovely living near the beach.

  3. Love the pictures! What great memories you must have!