Thursday, 27 June 2013

22nd June - More Nostalgia.....Holidays...

I started this on Sunday and finally posting it today 27th June!!!

As a child we never had holidays away and this pattern unintentional but due to the circumastances of being a single Mum my children's holidays were also at the local beach apart from 2 holidays before my ex DH left me and one holiday to the south of france after the insurance paid up after a burglary, I blew the money on a holiday for myself and my 2 sons. It wasn't a very successful holiday as we discovered my eldest son hated the heat so wanted to spend all day in a darkened caravan and moaned all the time and I was lonely and missed adult company!
Sadly cannot find the photos :(
But after marrying Peter I found these photos, Iain and a friend at our local beach, obviously wasn't hot!!
These photos was when Mark was 16. He was a real entrepeneer. He decided to run an icecream business selling on our local beach ( away from any town)
 He got someone who lived by the beach to give him the use of an empty freezer then bought icecreams and lollies in bulk and 2 freezer boxes which he decorated, at off he went
 People really were greatful to buy from him on hot days!! No Health and safety in those days!!
My last story is a holiday disaster Peter and I had in Austria one Christmas
We used to have foreign teachers staying with us during there visit to our town with their students. One lady called Beatrice came back several times and was always asking us to visit her family especially at Christmas to see Salzburg with the snow. So one year we flew on Christmas day and arrived to find we weren't staying with her but in a closed and empty B&B round the corner from them!! We were invited round Christmas night for a meal but then we were told they would be busy Boxing day and the next day and then they would take us out for a day. In the whole week we saw them 3 times. The empty B&B was just a bedroom and shower for us to use, no breakfast since there was no owner there! So there we were everyday catching a bus into the town to find somewhere for breakfast and of course a dinner before we went back to our room. We had no other transport and couldn't speak german either!!It was an awful experience but we do laugh about it these days. The strange thing is that this lady still writes to us and has invited us back again several times....but of course we have never gone!!


  1. Wonderful pictures! Great post, Lynne!
    / Please don't forget to give a link! /
    I read with interest.
    You are a superb storyteller!

  2. You really didn't need to go away when the boys were young as you have such lovely beaches near by. I love the story of the "ice cream seller".
    The story of the holiday at a friends in Salzburg sound awful some people are so thoughtless.